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I was born and raised in the suburbs of London, England, and have spent the rest of my life trying to stay away from such places. My career was in outdoor education, first in the U.K. and, from 1975, at the Boyne River Natural Science School, working with students from Toronto, Ontario.
Photography has been a lifelong passion, and since 1998 I have been able to devote more time to my art work. Most of my current photography is with medium and large format cameras on a tripod. This simple equipment forces one to slow down and to consider viewpoint, framing and exposure more carefully
In the studio where there is control of the lighting, I find that shadows are often more important than the highlights.

Some subjects 'demand' colour for information or impact. My choice is usually black and white. This abstraction from reality allows more atention to line, form and texture. In addition, I can carry out all the activities that lead to the final print.


Digital work is becoming more attractive since it will also give me control of colour images.
My current avenue of exploration is to combine my long-standing photography of the landscape and environment, with my recent work with the nude.
Recent and upcoming shows.

Headwaters Arts Festival
Headwaters Theme Show
McMichael cross-Canada juried show
Open Studios of the Hills
North of 89 Studio Tour
Scarborough Bluffs Gallery - three shows
Contact - "Nudes and Attitudes"
"In Her Element"
"Re-Emergence" with K.Melanson DCMA
"Then, and Ten" Skylight Gallery, Aurora


Fall 2000/01/03/04
Oct. 2001/02/03/04
Spring and Fall 2002/03/04/05
Oct. 2004/05

May 2004
May 2005

Feb. 2005
Work on Display

Burdette Gallery, RR#2, Orton, ON.

Dragonfly, 189, Broadway, Orangeville, ON.

Home Gallery

10am. to 5pm. Thurs. to Sun.

Normal business hours.

Times by arrangement.

Contact Information
(519) 942 2129
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